About Us

AsLab has been established at the University of Messina with the financial support of Agrivet-Project: “Innovation Center for Quality, Traceability and Certification in Agri-Food” (POR FESR Sicily 2007-2013, Axis IV, Operational Objective 4.1.2., Intervention 4.1.2.). It makes use of the know-how, professionalism and high technical and scientific specialization of a scientific team that has been working for decades in the food sector to improve their quality and safety in compliance with the laws and the sustainability of production processes.

The uniqueness of ASLab lies in the presence of scientific multidisciplinary expertises and advanced analytical technologies that allow correlating instrumental to sensory data. Of particular relevance, it is the experience of ASLab staff, documented by intense research activity and new technologies in determining the volatile aromatic compounds and the sensory quality of food.

ASLab is able to detect and quantify volatile compounds in any type of matrix, from foodstuffs to fruits and vegetables, from mineral and potable water to soils, from plant to industrial emissions.

ASLab uses mainly spectroscopic and chromatographic analytical instrumentation, in particular FT-IR, a comprehensive GC × GC-FID and GC × GG-MS triple quadrupole that allow the separation and identification of compounds in complex matrices including their enantiomeric analysis. The extraction techniques consist of the Solid Phase Micro Extraction (SPME) and the Static and Dynamic Headspace.

Sensory analysis coupled with analytical data is a key decision-making tool for the food industries in the various steps of a business project such as the development of a new food product and the evaluation of its market performance. ASLab is made of a chemical and a sensory laboratory arranged according to ISO 8589.